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Article: How are sunglasses made?

Πως κατασκευάζονται τα γυαλιά ηλίου; - Red Raven

How are sunglasses made?

Sunglasses not only serve your appearance, but are also an accessory that protects and ensures the health of your eyes. But have you ever wondered how your favorite sunglasses are made?

1) The appropriate construction materials are selected

The lenses and frames of the glasses must be durable and lightweight. The most common materials used are polycarbonate, CR-39 and lens glass. While correspondingly for the frames are the polycarbonate and the superior quality bone (Acetate).

2) Cutting the lenses to the appropriate size and shape

In the second phase, through a special process, cutting is done and the appropriate shape is given to the lenses. This process ensures the correct dimension and tilt of the lenses.

3) Coating the lenses

In the next stage, the special coating of the lenses is done depending on the properties we want to give them. This may include the coating for polarized properties, protection from the light of the screens (Blue-Light) or extra durability.

4) Completion of the skeleton

After the initial materials gathered have been cut to the desired shape of the frame, divided into the front part and the arms, they are joined with the special screws that firmly hold the arms to the front part.

5) Quality control

The last stage is the quality control stage. The finished glasses go through a series of checks for the frames and lenses as it must be ensured that they meet all the standards and we have the desired result.

The manufacture of sunglasses is certainly a complex and demanding process and here we describe the steps very briefly. From the first to the last step it takes real expertise, experience and precision to achieve a high quality product that will provide absolute protection to your eyes.

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