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Article: The Benefits you didn't know about Polarized Lenses 👨‍🎓

Τα Benefits που δεν ήξερες για τους Polarized Φακούς 👨‍🎓 - Red Raven

The Benefits you didn't know about Polarized Lenses 👨‍🎓

Apart from the basic filter, the UV radiation filter, sunglasses with polarized lenses (Polarzied) have been on the market for several years!

But what are polarized (Polarzied) lenses and what do they offer us? Below we will see some of their advantages that you may not have known!

1) Glare Reduction: One of the key benefits of polarized lenses is their ability to reduce the glare of bright light reflected off surfaces such as water, snow or glass.
This means they can neutralize unwanted glare and provide a clearer field of vision. This is especially useful for athletes or for outdoor work where you often encounter bright light and reflections.
*In the photo you see the Premium collection ''Athene'' by Red Raven.

2) Reduction of sensitivity to light: Another advantage of polarized glasses is their ability to reduce the sensitivity of the eyes to light.
This means they can protect your eyes from bright light and improve your comfort in bright conditions.
3) Improve contrast and sharpness: Polarized lenses can also improve the contrast and sharpness of your vision.
Their polarization eliminates dull unwanted light that can cause blurring or reduced contrast in visual images. This means they can provide you with a clearer and more distinct view.

4) They provide protection from the sun's ultraviolet radiation and can reduce eye fatigue in long-term use.

To take advantage of these advantages, you can see our collection of glasses with polarized lenses . The Red Raven company offers a wide variety of glasses with polarized lenses, made from the best materials on the market!

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