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Scarlett sunglasses are an impressive collection that stands out for its elegance . With high-quality construction and elegant design , these glasses offer a sense of luxury and style that is hard to find elsewhere.

Includes: Gift box, hard case, cleaning cloth.
Sex: Unisex
100% UV protection, UV400
Length: 14.5 from.
Height: 3.5. from.
Arm Length: 14.5 from.

          SCARLETT RUST - Red Raven
          SCARLETT RUGGINE Sale price€33,00


          OUR QUALITY

          Directly from the manufacture to you, keeping our costs to a minimum, and aiming for your own satisfaction , we can and do offer the best glasses you will find at this price.

          Equipped with the best lenses on the market (CR-39) and frames made of bone or high-quality metal - Red Raven sunglasses provide the highest degree of protection and excellent durability.