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Article: History of Sunglasses: From Antiquity to Today

Ιστορία των Γυαλιών Ηλίου: Από την αρχαιότητα έως σήμερα - Red Raven

History of Sunglasses: From Antiquity to Today

Beyond a stylish accessory, sunglasses are an important tool to protect our eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Their history is lost in the depths of the centuries, with various forms and uses appearing in various cultures.

Sunglasses in Antiquity

Early forms:

In the depths of history, we find the first traces of the use of sunglasses. In China, in the 12th century BC , they were made of dark quartz, offering protection from the sun. Emperor Nero in Rome is famous for wearing emerald lenses, while in ancient Egypt, strips of cloth or wood were used to protect the eyes from the hot sun.

ancient sunglasses

Sunglasses in the Middle Ages

Lens construction:

In 13th century Italy, the manufacture of crystal lenses revolutionized the world of glasses. Salvini D'Armate becomes the first recorded wearer of nearsighted glasses, paving the way for vision correction.

ancient sunglasses

18th - 19th century - New forms of sunglasses:

The 18th century marks the advent of sunglasses with colored lenses , thanks to the work of James Ayscough in England. In 1929, Bausch & Lomb launched the legendary Ray-Ban Aviator, marking the rise of sunglasses as a fashion statement.

20th - 21st century: Variety, functionality and cutting edge technology:

Today, sunglasses adorn our faces in a multitude of designs, colors and materials. They offer sun protection, polarized lenses , UV protection and much more. Technology is evolving rapidly, bringing smart sunglasses with built-in speakers, microphones and other features.

From the first primitive shapes to the modern high-tech models, the history of sunglasses is a fascinating testimony to human nature and the eternal search for style and functionality.

state-of-the-art sunglasses

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