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Article: How do I clean my sunglasses? - DETAILED GUIDE

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How do I clean my sunglasses? - DETAILED GUIDE

How do I clean my sunglasses?

In our daily lives, our glasses - whether they are eyeglasses or sunglasses - are constantly exposed to various forms of dirt. From fine dust to greasy marks and grass, everyday use can leave its mark on our glasses. A simple scratch or stain can significantly affect our visual visibility. While there is no permanent solution to removing dirt, there are effective ways to keep your glasses clean and your vision clear.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

Regular care of your glasses, whether they are for vision or sun protection, is not only a matter of maintenance but also functionality. By cleaning your glasses regularly, you improve your visual experience and extend the life of the lenses and frames. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to keep your glasses in top condition.

Steps for Cleaning Glasses

  1. Wash Your Hands : Start by cleaning your hands with soap and water to get rid of any oil or dirt that may transfer to your glasses. This also helps prevent the transfer of bacteria to the face.
  2. Get rid of Large Particles : Hold the glasses by the arms and carefully remove larger particles such as sand or dust by gently rinsing them with water.
  3. Wash with Soap and Water : Use warm water and a mild liquid soap to clean the lenses and frames of your glasses. Avoid soaps with moisturizers that can attract oil.
  4. Dry Your Glasses : Use a clean microfiber cloth to gently dry the lenses and frame. Avoid rough fabrics that can scratch the lenses.

Careful Cleaning of Lenses

Clean the lenses carefully to avoid scratches. Even smaller particles, such as dust, can damage the surface. Use your fingers to gently remove grease and grime under running water, choosing a mild soap that doesn't contain moisturizers or lotions.

Cleaning the Skeleton

In addition to the lenses, the frame of the glasses requires just as careful cleaning. For plastic frames, use plain dish soap and water. Focus on the nose pads and arms, where dirt and oil often accumulate. These areas are also potential breeding grounds for bacteria, so regular cleaning is vital.

Other Questions

  1. Do you use rubbing alcohol to clean your glasses?
    Using alcohol to clean glasses is not recommended as it can damage both the lenses and the frames, especially if they have sensitive coatings or are made of plastic. Alcohol can corrode coatings and cause damage.
  2. What glasses cleaning cloth should I use?
    A microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning glasses. Cloths of this type are soft and will not scratch the lenses. In addition, they effectively remove dirt and oily residues without leaving lint.

  3. How often should you clean your glasses?
    It is recommended that you clean your glasses regularly, ideally every day. Frequent cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and grease, ensuring that your vision will not be affected by stains or scratches.

By cleaning your glasses properly and regularly, you ensure that you enjoy clear vision and style for longer. And when it's time to refresh your collection, Red Raven offers you an amazing range of women's sunglasses and men's sunglasses and frames , designed for every taste and need.

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