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Article: ELLE MAGAZINE: "The Greek brand introduces us to the trends in sunglasses for 2023-2024"

ELLE MAGAZINE : ''Το ελληνικό brand μας συστήνει τις τάσεις στα γυαλιά ηλίου για το 2023-2024'' - Red Raven

ELLE MAGAZINE: "The Greek brand introduces us to the trends in sunglasses for 2023-2024"

Bold proposals in colors and prints, classic designs that come back renewed and adapted to today. The favorite of women and men, Red Raven gives us unparalleled style and unique protection from the sun again this year.

THE Red Raven was born in Athena and stood out from her very first appearance, as well "shake the waters" in the availability of glasses sun and sight. The Greek brand , from its foundation until today, offers us frames and lenses high quality and unbeatable design in extremely low prices , abolishing the rule that says "what you pay for, you get".

The reason he managed to provide us with the best glasses at prices all these years under €50 is that consumers receive their glasses directly from the manufacturer, without the slightest discount in quality of the materials or the inspiration in planning.

Counting already more than 100 designs in frames for modern and classic Greek sunglasses and eyeglasses for the modern woman, man and child, the beloved eyewear company continues unabated and the 2023-2024 . In excellent easy to use online store all her plans are waiting for us and of course the this year's trends in sunglasses, which will take off our every look.

Women's sunglasses for looks that will stand out

The women's sunglasses of Red Raven are planned  based on the needs of every woman , regardless of her style and age, always in accordance with current fashion trends.

At Red Raven every woman discovers the frame that suits her face shape of and to unique her personality . Its renewed range for 2023 includes modern and vintage – retro plans from the past, being reintroduced, and waiting for us to do statement appearances in every occasion.

Women's sunglasses 2023-2024 will satisfy even the most "demanding", as the this year's trends include from oversized aviator glasses up to cat-eye, vivid colors in geometric designs and plastic frames for appearances with pop mood, but also more classics drawings on metal frames.

Men's sunglasses for timeless elegance

The men's sunglasses of the brand , which have been loved by men of all ages, are made of materials that distinguished for their quality , with the aim of endurance over time and best possible protection from the harmful sun. The designs of the collection are always aimed at all men, so that regardless of their age and style, they can discover what expresses them.

With the 2023-2024 men's sunglasses from Red Raven every man will feel truly unique . The this year's trends in sunglasses they give us classics though skeletons but with modern touch , with the aviators consistently being the most popular proposition for the male audience. New releases include many metal frames , as well as a huge variety of shapes , for appearances that will not go unnoticed.

Rio Orange sunglasses bring out the pop side we hide inside and are the best thing for the summer of 2023-2024.

With more than 69 points of sale in Greece and abroad and through its excellent online store, Red Raven gives us the opportunity to acquire sunglasses, of unparalleled quality and aesthetics, that will not just follow trends but create them!