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Siamo nati per sfidare il modo in cui funziona l’industria della moda.

La nostra storia

Red Raven was born in Athens , from our passion and desire to offer high quality sunglasses that are affordable for everyone.

Red Raven represents more than just fashion. It represents an attitude and a way of life authentic to our character and personality . At Red Raven we believe that choosing our glasses is a way to show the world and people who we are and what we express .

Excellent construction materials, combined in an unusual way, make our designs different and not follow trends, but create them .

At Red Raven, fashion knows no bounds. We seek to offer every person the right to express their personal style, without unrealistic prices.

i primi distributori.

il primo anno

Just 1 year after the launch of the Brand, Red Raven had a presence in more than 20 stores throughout Greece.

Proudly, we have now had more than 10,000 men and women choose to become part of the Ravens family and wear our glasses, which has exceeded even our highest expectations.

eravamo ovunque.

la ribellione

As we reached 2021 and our third year as a Brand, we now had a presence in more than 40+ stores in Greece.

Red Raven has grown and we've raised the bar for the quality of our eyewear even further, also using recycled, eco-friendly materials as part of our "Wear Recycled" campaign. With appearances in articles in well-known magazines such as Madame Figaro, radio stations and TV Spots, 2021 was the year that shaped us more than any other.



Global expansion was Red Raven 's primary goal in 2022. With a presence now in more than 20 stores in Europe and more than 50 throughout Greece , we are now one of the dominant brands in the Greek market.

Driven by our commitment to continue to improve and offer you the best value for money, we have expanded our range of glasses with Premium products made of bone at a price below 50 euros.

The reason we can offer this quality at this price is because we work closely with the front line and supply our products directly to you.

red raven sunglasses


Equipped with the best lenses on the market (TAC Polarized or CR-39) and frames made of bone or high quality metal - Red Raven sunglasses provide the highest degree of protection and excellent durability.

The reason we can offer this quality at this price is because we work closely with the front line and offer our products directly to you.

Always aiming for your own satisfaction, we can and do offer the best glasses you will find at this price.